The Community Drug & Alcohol Strategy is excited to announce that the Peer Advisory Committee was launched on December 10th, 2020!

Agencies wishing to book a consultation session with the committee can contact Alison Govier at or 519-372-7880.

The Peer Advisory Committee provides local agencies opportunities to
consult community members who have lived/living experience with addiction, through monthly closed session meetings.

We are a compassionate, invested audience for service providers in Grey
Bruce, using our lived experience to give honest feedback on addiction and
mental health programs. Our goal is improvement, through increased
accessibility, connection between agencies, and a comprehensive approach
to the host of challenges the service-user faces.

Openness – receptive to change and new ideas
Accountability – responsible for words and actions
Inclusivity – respect and value diversity
Compassion – accpet where each person is at on their journey
Non-judgemental – everyone’s perspective is valuable
Confidentiality – respect sensitive information

*The Peer Advisory Committee is a project of the Grey Bruce Community Drug & Alcohol Strategy, which receives funding from Grey County and Bruce County, and is hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association of Grey Bruce.