We believe that when individuals, communities and systems work together, we can create solutions that foster hope, dignity and wellbeing for all.

Addressing substance-related harms is a shared responsibility. No single organization, government or sector can create lasting change alone.

Our role

System builder

We organize initiatives that improve awareness, understanding and skills among services providers, governments and community members around issues related to addiction, substance use and harm reduction.

Strengthen voices

We create opportunities for people with lived/living experience of addiction and substance use to collaborate and contribute expertise regarding the programs, services and systems that affect them.

Champions for rural solutions

We promote best practices and draw on expert knowledge to create, adapt and scale initiatives that fit with our rural context.

We believe that

  • Substance use and addiction is a complex health issue.
  • Equitable representation of people with lived experience at all levels of decision-making is central to improving health outcomes for all.
  • Best practice in substance use and addiction services includes harm reduction and abstinence-based models.
  • Reducing the harms associated with drugs and alcohol involves shared responsibility, requiring active participation of many sectors, including and beyond health.
  • All people have the right to deliver and participate in services and supports in an environment of mutual respect, compassion and dignity.
  • Balance must exist across prevention, treatment, harm reduction and enforcement with regard to resource flow and strategic initiatives.

How we work together

  • steering committee

    Responsible for facilitating the work of the Leadership Group and supporting the action groups. It will involve fundraising, partnership development and coordinating a shared voice.

  • leadership group

    Responsible for leading and administering the initiatives and activities of the Working Groups.

  • working group

    Working Group emerge out of activities that the Community Drug & Alcohol Strategy deems a priority. They are self-governing and are led by the partners. A Working Group can be created at any time the Community Drug & Alcohol Strategy considers it appropriate.

  • network

    A loose affiliation of government agencies, non-profit organizations, professionals in the field of mental health addiction, health and social service providers, government and stakeholders that are interested in reducing substance related harms in Bruce and Grey counties.

  • public

    The target audience that includes individuals, families, decision-makers and the general public.

As a collaborative of public service providers, businesses and community members, it is our mission to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities in Bruce and Grey counties by reducing the harms associated with substances.

additional reading

  • Data Report: Exploring patterns of substance use and related harms in Bruce and Grey counties

    Drawing on the best available local and regional data, this report serves as a foundational source of information for understanding substance use trends in Bruce and Grey counties.


  • Community Drug & Alcohol Strategy Strategic Plan

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